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Israel Products in India

India and Israel, two nations with rich cultural histories, have cultivated diplomatic ties that extend beyond politics to encompass trade, investments, and collaborations across diverse industries. This article explores the dynamic partnership between India and Israel, shedding light on their bilateral relations and emphasizing trade, investments, and potential areas for cooperation. This exploration is particularly beneficial for those interested in international relations and business. Israel products in India are diverse, ranging from advanced agricultural technologies to cutting-edge defense and cybersecurity systems. These products play a significant role in enhancing various sectors within India, showcasing the strength of Israel’s innovation and technological expertise.

Israel, marked by economic prosperity and hosting significant religious landmarks, navigates complex relationships with neighboring Arab nations. Iconic sites like the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and the Al Aqsa Mosque contribute to Israel’s cultural and historical significance. Internationally renowned Israeli brands, including McDonald’s, Strauss, Keter, Tivall, Osem, Eden Spring, and SodaStream, further enhance the nation’s global presence.

Israel Food Products in India

Understanding the India-Isreal Trade Dynamics

In today’s globalized world, international trade plays a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and development among nations. One such example of a flourishing trade partnership exists between India and Israel. This article delves into the intricate web of trade relations that has developed between these two nations, highlighting the products exchanged and the mutual benefits reaped from this collaboration.

India’s Exports to Israel

India has emerged as a significant exporter to Israel, sending a diverse range of products across the borders. Some of the major items include:

(a) Pearls and Precious Stones: India boasts a rich heritage of jewelry craftsmanship, and this reflects in its exports to Israel, which primarily comprise pearls and precious stones.

(b) Chemical and Mineral Products: The chemical industry in India has been booming, and Israel imports a substantial amount of chemical and mineral products from the country.

(c) Machinery and Electrical Equipment: The demand for machinery and electrical equipment from India is on the rise in Israel, reflecting the quality and competitiveness of Indian products.

(d) Textiles: India’s textile industry is renowned worldwide, and Israel is a recipient of high-quality textiles from India.

(e) Plastics: The plastic products from India find their way into various sectors in Israel, illustrating the versatility of Indian plastic manufacturing.

India’s Imports from Israel

Conversely, India imports several key products from Israel, strengthening their bilateral trade partnership. These imports encompass:

(f) Machinery and Electrical Equipment: India relies on Israel for cutting-edge machinery and electrical equipment to support its industrial growth.

(g) Base Metals: Base metals are vital for several industries in India, and Israel is a prominent supplier in this category.

(h) Defense-related Equipment: In an era where defense preparedness is crucial, India sources essential equipment from Israel to bolster its security.

(i) Machinery and Transport Equipment: The machinery and transport equipment sector is crucial for India’s infrastructure development, and Israel plays a vital role in this supply chain.

(j) Chemical and Mineral Products: The chemical and mineral products from Israel serve various industrial needs in India, fostering growth in multiple sectors.

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Israel Product List

  • Max Brenner, a renowned chocolate brand, was founded by Israeli partners Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner. Despite being headquartered in New York, the company had its origins in Ra’anana, Israel, 25 years ago. Over the years, Max Brenner has expanded to more than 50 locations globally, with a significant presence in Australia.
  • Laline, a cosmetics and lifestyle product manufacturer, started as a small shop in Tel-Aviv but has since grown extensively, operating over 100 stores nationwide and distributing its products globally.
  • In Hebrew, soap is referred to as “Sabon.” Israel continues to market these products under the brand “Sabon Shel Pa’am,” which translates to “soap from the past.” The company has consistently used high-quality natural ingredients like salt and algae, all sourced from the Dead Sea, and all of their products are still manufactured in Israel.
  • Michal Negrin, a jewelry company, offers exquisite vintage jewelry and home decor items in more than 65 stores across the country. Three decades ago, it started as a small booth in the handmade market of Nachlat Binyamin.
  • Jaffa oranges, known for their thick skin and seedless nature, are easily exportable worldwide. While they are also grown in other Middle Eastern countries, Israel plays a significant role as an exporter of Jaffa oranges, especially to the European Union.
  • Daniella Lehavi, a luxury designer, creates leather shoes, handbags, and high-end accessories, all proudly manufactured in Israel. Since she opened her first studio in 1990, Daniella has expanded her presence to include locations in the United States, Canada, and Korea.

Israel Products Checker

The Israeli Product Checker is a browser extension that helps users identify products that are made in Israel. The extension works by scanning product listings on popular e-commerce websites and displaying a flag icon next to products that are made in Israel. Users can then click on the flag icon to learn more about the product and the company that makes it.

The Israeli Product Checker is a valuable tool for consumers who are interested in boycotting products made in Israel. The extension can also be used by consumers who are simply curious about the origins of the products they buy.

How to Use the Israeli Product Checker

To use the Israeli Product Checker, simply install the extension in your web browser. The extension will automatically start working when you visit an e-commerce website. When you see a product listing, look for the flag icon next to the product. If the flag icon is present, then the product is made in Israel. You can click on the flag icon to learn more about the product and the company that makes it.

Benefits of Using the Israeli Product Checker

There are many benefits to using the Israeli Product Checker. The extension can help you:

  • Boycott products made in Israel.
  • Make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Learn more about the products you buy.

Is the Israeli Product Checker Safe?

Yes, the Israeli Product Checker is a safe extension to use. The extension does not collect any personal data and does not track your browsing activity. The extension is also open source, so you can

Israeli Products & Brands across World

Israeli Products & Brands in World Service or Product Name
Angel Bakeries Commercial bakery
Babylon Software Company
Berman’s Bakery Commercial bakery
Bezeq Telecommunications
CardiacSense Wearable Tech
Castro Fashion Brand
Dan hotels Hotel Chain
Fox Fashion Brand
Haaretz News Media Company
Israir Airline Company
Isrotel Hotel Chains
Fiverr Online Freelancer Social Media Software Development
Max Brenner International Chocolate Brand
Mobileye ADAS Developers
Radwin Wireless broadband Communications
Slingshot Whiskey Brand
Tempo Beer Brewery Company
Mul-T-Lock Smart Lock Company
Uzi Submachine Gun
Yokohama Tyre Company Software Company

Israel Brand List 2023

Drugs, Health, Medicine & Food Products

  • Super-Pharm
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • CardiacSense Ltd
  • Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Food & Dairy Products

  • Time (cigarette)
  • Tiv Ta’am
  • Tnuva
  • Vodka Perfect
  • Wissotzky Tea
  • Angel Bakeries
  • Bamba (Snack)
  • Berman’s Bakery
  • Bissli (Israeli wheat snack)
  • Carmel Agrexco
  • Carmel Winery
  • Cow Chocolate
  • Ein Gedi Mineral Water
  • Galilee Green
  • Klik (Candy)
  • Krembo
  • L’Chaim Vodka
  • Landwer Coffee
  • Lone Tree Brewery
  • MacDavid
  • Max Brenner
  • Mey Eden
  • Neviot (Spring water)
  • Noblesse (cigarette)
  • Osem (company)
  • Rabl (company)
  • Strauss Group
  • Tara (Israel)
  • Tempo Beer Industries

Clothing & Fashion Accessories

  • Gottex (Designer swimwear)
  • Honigman
  • Kenvelo
  • Naot (Shoes, sandals)
  • Source Sandals (Tekking and hiking sandals)
  • Elie Tahari
  • TNT (clothing)
  • Tzomet Sfarim
  • YVEL (Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets)
  • Leibish & Co. (Natural fancy color diamonds Fine jewelry)
  • Cassidi
  • Castro
  • Fox (Clothing)

Top Israeli Companies

The following is a comprehensive list of Israeli companies operating in India.

  • WaterGen, an Israeli company, specializes in manufacturing equipment that extracts drinking water from the air, known as Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). The largest water generator they produce, GEN-L, has the capacity to generate up to 6,000 liters of potable water daily. The WaterGen Mobile Box, another product, can produce up to 25 liters of fresh drinking water from the air.
  • Teva, the largest Israeli business in India, is part of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a globally renowned pharmaceutical company headquartered in Israel. Teva operates in India and is located near Whitefield, the hub of the Indian IT industry.
  • Dan Hotels Bengaluru, a luxury hotel chain, is situated in close proximity to Whitefield.
  • Net-Translators, a well-known company offering quality assurance, localization, and professional translation services, recently inaugurated a new branch in Gurugram.
  • Sarine is a leading technological company specializing in advanced equipment for the production of gemstones and diamonds.
  • Avgol Nonwovens, a market leader in the production of high-performance spin melt nonwoven fabric solutions, has its manufacturing facility in Mandideep, Bhopal. These solutions are used in functional, medicinal, and hygiene applications.
  • NeoLync, a PLI (Production Linked Incentive) for large-scale electronics manufacturing, operates in India, distributing and supplying electronic amplifiers, digital electronic scales, and electron tubes.
  • Rivulis, a pioneer in micro-irrigation technologies globally, is a top supplier of drip irrigation systems. Rivulis Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd. (RIVULIS) supports growers in efficiently supplying water to plants.

Significance of Israel Brand

Israel has earned the moniker “Start-up Nation” owing to its significant presence of pioneering technology firms. The country has spawned a multitude of successful startups across diverse sectors, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, medical devices, and clean energy. These Israeli enterprises have not only transformed their respective industries but have also been the subject of acquisitions or collaborations with major global corporations.

  • Innovation and Technology: Israel has earned a global reputation as a hub for innovation and technology. The country has consistently produced groundbreaking advancements in areas such as cybersecurity, agriculture, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. The Israel brand is synonymous with cutting-edge solutions and a vibrant startup ecosystem.
  • Economic Strength: Despite its relatively small size, Israel boasts a robust and resilient economy. The Israel brand reflects economic stability, driven by a diverse range of industries. It attracts international investments and partnerships, contributing to the nation’s economic growth and global influence.
  • Entrepreneurship and Startups: Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit is a key element of its brand. The country has a high concentration of startups per capita, fostering a culture of risk-taking and innovation. The Israel brand is associated with a dynamic entrepreneurial landscape that continually produces disruptive technologies.
  • Cultural and Historical Heritage: Israel holds immense significance in terms of its cultural and historical heritage. The brand is closely tied to the rich history of the region, including religious and archaeological landmarks. This cultural heritage contributes to Israel’s appeal as a destination for tourism and academic exploration.
  • Geopolitical Importance: The Israel brand carries geopolitical weight, given the nation’s strategic location in the Middle East. Its political stability, military strength, and diplomatic relations play a crucial role in the region’s dynamics. The brand is a symbol of resilience and strategic importance on the global stage.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Israel is a melting pot of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religions. The brand represents a nation that values diversity and inclusivity, fostering an environment where people from various backgrounds coexist and contribute to the country’s social fabric.
  • Humanitarian Contributions: Israel is actively involved in humanitarian efforts globally. The Israel brand is associated with a commitment to helping communities in need, responding to crises, and providing expertise in areas such as disaster relief and medical assistance.

Israel’s Main Import & Export

Israel is a big player when it comes to selling fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines. They even created a special grapefruit-pomelo mix! In total, Israel grows over forty different kinds of yummy fruits.

But it’s not just fruits; Israel is also into other stuff. They bring in things like oil, machines, diamonds, and transportation equipment from other countries. When they look at what they send out, it’s a mix of different goods:

  • Raw materials: These are things used to make other stuff, like metals or wood. Israel sends out about $3.95 billion worth of these.
  • Intermediate goods: These are in-between things, not finished products but getting there. Israel exports about $17.72 billion of these.
  • Consumer goods: These are the things people buy for themselves. Israel sends out about $10.23 billion of these.
  • Capital goods: These are big things used by industries, like machines or factories. Israel exports a whopping $22.51 billion of these.

Israel is also super smart. They spend a lot of money on research and development, which means they figure out cool, high-tech stuff. They’re really good at making things like airplanes, top-notch defense technology, and scientific instruments. All these smarts help them sell about $17 billion worth of these high-tech goods to other countries, which is almost one-third of all the things they sell abroad.

Product(s) Imported To ISRAEL

1 Meat of bovine animals, frozen, boneless
2 Other wheat and meslin
3 Maize (corn), other than seed
4 Food preps.,
5 Meat of bovine animals, fresh/chilled, boneless
6 Dried vegetables, n.e.s.; mixts. of dried vegetables, whole/cut/sliced/brok
7 Other barley excl seed
8 Chocolate & oth. food preps. cont. cocoa
9 Semi-milled/wholly milled rice, whether or not polished/glazed
10 Whiskies

Economy of Israel

Israel’s economic approach aims to sustain growth by progressively incorporating the national economy into global markets. Despite facing challenges such as rapid population growth, boycotts from the majority of Arab nations, substantial defense spending, a scarcity of natural resources, elevated inflation rates, and a limited domestic market hindering the advantages of mass production, Israel has made strides in achieving these objectives.

However, the economic progress has not been uniform. Economic disparities are notable among Israeli Jews, with significant gaps, while Israeli Arabs frequently find themselves at the lower end of the economic spectrum.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Israel has made significant investments in India, although it remains a minor contributor in terms of FDI. The presence of major Israeli companies in India such as Avgol Nonwovens, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, and others has contributed to the economic partnership.

Israel Food Products In India

The presence of Israeli companies has significantly strengthened bilateral trade relations in the Indian market. India has experienced the influence of several renowned Israeli brands, including Alumayer, Plasson, Huliot, Metzerplas, IDE, Netafim, Naa’n Dan Jain, Rivulis, NeoLynk, Ecoppia, Aqwise, Polemix, Eli Hajaj, and Avgol Nonwovens. These enterprises make a substantial contribution to the local economy and have established a notable presence in states like Madhya Pradesh, where Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and Avgol have set up their operations.

Israeli businesses located in Madhya Pradesh

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and Avgol, two Israeli firms, have expanded their presence in Madhya Pradesh, India, contributing to the region’s economic growth. Israel ranks second globally in terms of the number of startup businesses, trailing only the United States. Additionally, it holds the third position for the most NASDAQ-listed companies, following China and the United States.

Top Israel Brands in India List

Several Israeli companies have established themselves in the Indian market, reinforcing the economic ties between the two countries. These include Avgol Nonwovens, Rivulis, NeoLynk, Ecoppia, Naa’n Dan Jain, Aqwise, Polemix, Eli Hajaj, Alumayer, Plasson, Huliot, Metzerplas, IDE, and Netafim, among others.

Israeli Companies in Madhya Pradesh

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and Avgol are among the Israeli companies that have set up operations in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, contributing to the local economy.

Pepsi Is Israel Product

Potential Collaboration Sectors

India and Israel have identified several sectors with the potential for collaboration:

Defence: Israel is a key supplier of defence equipment to India. This collaboration strengthens both countries’ security and technology capabilities.

Agritech: Both nations can benefit from collaboration in agricultural technology, sharing expertise in areas like precision farming, irrigation, and sustainable agriculture.

Food Processing: Joint ventures in food processing can enhance the quality and efficiency of food production in India, benefiting farmers and consumers.

Electronics: Collaboration in the electronics sector can lead to the development of innovative technologies and products, further boosting the technology ecosystem in both countries.

Israel Product Code

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