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Toyota has provided new photos and details for its FT-Se concept car that debuted in October at the 2023 Tokyo auto show.

The concept represents the latest evolution of Toyota’s development of an electric sports car, which the automaker is still considering for production.

The concept, whose name stands for “Future Toyota Sports electric,” is a compact two-seater measuring 172 inches long and sitting just 48 inches tall. A generous 74.6-inch width creates a powerful stance that visually alludes to the car’s sharp handling characteristics.

Toyota hasn’t revealed any details on the powertrain, apart from the concept using next-generation batteries. Toyota said the batteries enable a thin pack that’s also energy dense, and this has helped to reduce weight compared to current EVs. Components such as the electric drive system, transmission, and air conditioner have all been reduced in size and weight as well, the automaker said.

Toyota FT-Se concept

Inside, a low dash helps improve visibility. The cabin design also features a yoke-style steering wheel (which suggests steer-by-wire technology), a trio of screens, and pads to protect the knees of the driver and passenger during hard cornering.

Toyota still hasn’t said much when it comes to production plans for an electric sports car. However, Chairman—and former CEO—Akio Toyoda revealed earlier this year that he’s personally involved in the development of an electric sports car for Toyota. He confirmed it would have a manual transmission (complete with a clutch pedal) that relies on software control of the electric drive system to simulate the feel of gear changes and generate corresponding engine sounds, though he also said production hadn’t been approved.

While an electric sports car for Toyota may not have been approved yet, Lexus has confirmed plans for an electric supercar that may come with a solid-state battery and enough performance to deliver 0-60 mph acceleration in the low two-second range. The supercar is expected in showrooms later this decade and will also feature the software-enabled manual transmission.

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