Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Some drivers will be forced to pay more than £280 for car insurance next year with a massive increase for several popular jobs, according to new data from Vanarama.

The massive rise is set to come as a shock to families across the UK still battling with the cost of living crisis.

Data from the motoring group revealed graphic designers will face the highest rise with an extra £283 fee.

It takes the total cost of a yearly premium from £428.80 to £711.96, a massive 66 percent increase.

Mechanics face the second-highest rise with bills set to soar by £274.82.

This puts the overall costs at £728.26 for 12 months, making it the second most expensive job in the country.

Traders are set for a significant shock with costs set to surge from £474.14 in the previous year’s research, to a staggering £744.02.

The massive 57 percent increase will see workers pay a staggering £269.88 in 2024.

Yearly premiums will rise by £248.39 for those wrong as a web designer, web developer, programmer or developer.

Drivers will be forced to pay £240.33 more while there are also stunning rises for designers and journalists.

Designers will splash out an extra £232.38 to see yearly prices rise to £672.90 with journalists up £202.44 per annum.

Someone’s job is one of the most important factors in determining a road user’s average car insurance cost.

According to uSwitch, occupations considered low-risk will more likely result in cheaper insurance.

Vanarama analysed the data by putting together an average driver profile across a range of different job titles.

The group found that average car insurance costs were set for a “substantial” rise across the board within months.

They explained: “Stepping back and examining the anticipated insurance premium increases on an individual job basis reveals that, on the whole, the United Kingdom will experience a substantial 42 percent spike in insurance costs in 2024 compared to the previous year.

“When we shift our attention to the sector level, prices exhibit a slightly smaller but still significant increase of 41 percent from the preceding year.

“The average cost of UK car insurance in 2024 is now £613.91 per year – an 81 percent increase on 2020’s figure, £339.16.”

Highest car insurance price increases 2024

  • Graphic Designer – £283.16
  • Mechanic – £274.82
  • Trader – £269.88
  • Web Designer – £248.39
  • Web Developer – £248.39
  • Programmer – £248.39
  • Developer – £248.39
  • Driver – £240.33
  • Designer – £232.38
  • Journalist – £202.44

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