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Drivers can demist their car windscreen in seconds this autumn and winter using a cheap 50p item available from almost every shop in the country.

According to experts at LeaseCar, a microfibre cloth is one of the easiest ways to clean away condensation when sitting inside the vehicle.

Microfibre cloths can be purchased for less than £1 with Tesco selling a four-pack for just £2 on the high street.

An eight-pack of microfibre cloths can also be purchased online at Amazon for just £5.50 meaning each cloth is around 68p.

The motoring specialists have also suggested paper towels could be used for a simple homemade fix.

LeaseCar explained: “Using a microfibre cloth or paper towels can be an effective option to remove any moisture inside the car. It’s best to wipe in circular motions to avoid smudging.”

Condensation forms on a car windscreen when warm air inside the vehicle meets cool air outside.

This is why windscreens are more likely to steam up when temperatures drop later on in the year.

Rule 229 of the Highway Code clearly states that motorists must ensure their windscreen is completely clear before setting off.

Failing to completely clear all of the mist from your windscreen and windows may leave motorists vulnerable and a road safety risk.

Tim Alcock, spokesperson for LeaseCar explained: “Drivers should always make sure to completely de-mist their windscreens before setting off or risk being slapped with a fine of up to £2,500 for breaking the Highway Code.

“Don’t be tempted to just leave a small gap to see what is directly in front, as you could still be fined for careless driving by not being able to see the full road view ahead.”

The warning comes as temperatures plummet across the UK with the first widespread frost of the year sweeping across the nation.

According to The Met Office, weather conditions will turn colder next week with “widespread overnight frosts” expected.

Dan Harris, Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist explained that “a continuation of colder than average conditions” was most likely.

He added: “Early next week, following a brief more unsettled interlude, we expect to see a return to widely cold but quiet conditions.

“Some rain, or showers, are likely to affect some parts of the east coast, and these could turn increasingly wintry over higher ground areas towards the middle of the week.”

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