Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

In the video, @ihatetiktokcringie claimed she never knew what the two small slots towards the bottom of the centre console were for.

However, the TikTok viewer demonstrated that items such as parking tickets can easily be fitted, so that drivers do not risk losing it when they leave the car.

Depending on the age of the Fiesta, the slot may be found further down, next to the driving mode and stop-start button.

With over 44,000 views, the video certainly impressed viewers, with many thanking @ihatetiktokcringie for teaching them the feature in the comments section.

One viewer wrote: “No way this is actually crazy, never knew that!”

Another noted: “I think it’s for the basic Fiesta only. The higher trim level or newer cars have seat heaters and the engine start/stop buttons there.”

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