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Cleaning expert Nancy Emery, from Drench, has shared her top tips to ensure towels feel soft and fluffy against the skin.

Nancy’s first top tip is to make sure there is enough space in the washing machine drum.

She explained: “Overcrowding your washing machine can actually be extremely damaging to your towels.

“It limits the amount of room for the items to rinse out all of the dirt and detergent.”

Nancy’s advice is to wash up to three towels at the same time, but no more than that.

As for the water temperature, a hot wash may be more effective at killing bacteria, but you can better preserve towel fibres.

Nancy elaborated: “Wash your towels at 30 to 40 degrees to help preserve their fibres.

“Warm water absorbs detergent better, in turn leaving less chemical build up on your towels which makes them feel stiff.”

Speaking of detergent, while fabric conditioner is a great addition to a wash cycle, sometimes it should be swapped out for white vinegar.

Nancy explained: “Despite leaving your towels smelling lovely, fabric softener can actually be making your towels harder. The softener coats the fibres of the towel and can build up over time.”

Adding one cup of vinegar every few weeks to the wash can remove any soapy residue on the towels.

Nancy said: “Adding baking soda to your washes can also help loosen the fibres.

“Baking soda not only helps to brighten up your towels and keep them soft, but it also keeps odours at bay.

“Half a cup of baking soda per load will do the trick, along with your normal detergent.”

As for drying the towels, after doing a spin cycle on the washing machine, Nancy recommended airdrying the towels instead of placing them in a tumble dryer.

However, if you are going to put them in a tumble dryer, then it’s best to put it on a lower heat setting and for a shorter cycle.

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