Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

GM is making good on its promise to create an EV fast-charging network.

On Tuesday, GM announced the first 17 of 25 fast-charging locations to be opened in 2023 are now operational in 13 states. Those 25 locations will offer 100 fast charging stalls by the end of the month.

Announced in 2022, GM is taking on Electrify America by partnering with Pilot Company and EVgo to build and operate a network of fast chargers spanning the U.S.

The network is planned to have 2,000 350-kw fast charger stalls at up to 500 Pilot and Flying J travel centers across the U.S. Of those, 200 are planned to be live by the end of 2024.

This partnership with Pilot Company and EVgo is completely separate and in addition to the EV charging network being created by seven global automakers that include GM.

GM and Pilot Company’s EV charging network

A key differentiator of the network GM’s building with Pilot Company and EVgo from today’s fast chargers is how it operates. The setup will be much more like today’s gas stations with pull-through chargers, well lit canopies, onsite staff for help with charging and charger issues, restrooms, and food and beverage sales. 

GM has noted the chargers will be open for use by all electric vehicles and not limited to just its vehicles. However, owners of GM vehicles will receive benefits and exclusive perks such as discounts on charging, reservations, and a streamlined plug-and-charge experience in which the payment information is taken care of beforehand and customers simply have to plug in and start charging.

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