Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024


You have a tendency to react without thinking about it. Keep a tight hold on your emotions. Allow your head to be the judge of any dilemmas, problems or difficulties that come your way and that way, you will avoid making careless mistakes.


An inner feeling of contentment is with you as you anticipate good news connected with an arrangement or plans you made earlier in the month. You seem to be in for a far easier time at home and at work when you can either delegate or ignore duties that don’t hold any urgency.


Social activities provide you with the chance to use your skills in projects that excite and uplift you. Adding decorative touches to your home and workplace is another good use of your creativity. Your family, friends and colleagues will appreciate your efforts to make the environment festive.


If some social or travel plans look as if they might be more expensive than you anticipated, it would be wise to reconsider. You might prefer to choose activities that do fit your budget and there are plenty other things to do which will be just as enjoyable and less costly.


Someone you work with will be feeling below par. They could do with a hand to keep on top of their work. There is no generosity to match that of a Leo and you will be demonstrating the warm and caring side of your nature today. This favour will be repaid sooner than you think.


You seem to be constantly surrounded by people these days. Occasionally you would appreciate some time alone but for the most part, you will enjoy group and social activities. It will feel good to be a part of a caring community. You will learn a lot by letting down your defences.


You’re hoping to get your work finished in record time. This rush of purposeful activity will surprise people who don’t often see this side of your nature. Later, you have arrangements to keep that you have not told many people about. This could involve a test, audition or interview.


Mixing business with pleasure will feel rewarding. Don’t be reluctant to talk shop when you meet up with someone you used to work with. They could know of an opportunity or opening which could enable you to make some significant career gains. They will also offer to write you a glowing reference.


Have you been overdoing things recently? If you’re finding it hard to channel energy in positive ways, your battery could be in need of a recharge. A general listlessness isn’t helping you as you can’t seem to put yourself into anything for any length of time.


An older relative who has been objecting to family festive arrangements may suddenly change their tune. You might never know what has made them change their mind but rather than dwelling too long on this you will quickly take this chance to finalise plans and arrangements.


A group event that has been planned for some time will go like a dream. Any excuse to have a good time will be accepted with enthusiasm. With you being in such a sociable mood you won’t be happy to have to put your mind to anything resembling duty.


The day will be filled with ups and downs but you won’t have too many complaints. You will find ways to balance the good with the bad and generally, what is lost on the roundabouts will, with a bit of cleverness, be gained back on the swings.

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