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Orchid care during the winter months is very important for healthy development. 

Orchids love the summer months because they’re tropical plants, but that doesn’t mean an orchid can’t continue to thrive now that the temperatures have dropped. 

Orchid specialists at Just Add Ice have shared how to best care for these popular houseplants during winter to keep them “happy, healthy and beautiful”.

1. Watch out for drafts 

Whether it’s the front door or a window that’s letting in too much air, try to keep an orchid away from drafts. 

In the same way that air conditioning will freeze an orchid, the air from your heating system may dry it out, too.

For those who notice their orchid’s buds falling off, there’s a good chance it is being exposed to a draft.

2. Keep orchids away from dry heat

Just as orchids don’t like drafts, they don’t like being blasted with hot air either, as mentioned above. 

Keep orchids away from vents and any heaters. The experts noted that a general guideline to go by is that if it’s comfortable for you, it should be comfortable for your orchid.

3. Orchids need enough light 

According to the experts, households can “extend the life of orchids” with one task which is to make sure they’re getting enough light during shorter winter days. 

Try moving it to the sunniest room in the house or the room with the most windows.  

The team said: “Orchids love the bright, indirect light of most homes or offices. Just remember natural sunlight is a win-win. It’s good for you and your plants, so pull back the shades and let in the sun.”

To avoid scorching the leaves, keep the plant in a north or east-facing window, away from direct sun exposure. 

For those who keep their orchid in a room with south-facing windows, make sure it’s out of direct light but still in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight.

4. Check the roots

For orchid care in the winter months, check to see if the roots are dry and grey. If this is the case, the houseplant may need more water. 

Owners should also take a close look at an orchid’s leaves. If they’re wrinkled, they probably need a little more water. Either increase the amount of water being used or the frequency. When the roots turn green and plump, the “plant is healthy”. 

5. Increase humidity 

Orchids love humid environments, so to increase the humidity try making a humidity tray. 

Do this by filling a shallow tray with pebbles and some water, and placing the orchid on top. Either put a humidifier in the room or mist the plant with water from a spray bottle.

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