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Bingo wings are flabby upper arms that wobble when the arm moves or shakes, which some may be eager to get rid of.

All you require to tone up bingo wings is a chair or bench that you have at home.

Michael Fireman told “Tricep dips will work your shoulders, arms and back.”

The simple move helps to strengthen the muscles and reduces bingo wings.

Fireman instructed: “Support your weight on the edge of a chair, or bench, and dip your body weight up and down.

“Be sure to keep your bum close to the chair, or bench, for an added burn.”

Two other exercises that can help to tone up your upper arm are dumbbell rows and bicep curls.

These can either be performed in the comfort of your own home or at your local gym. Fireman explained: “Dumbbell rows can be done in many ways.

“You can hinge forward at the waist and hold the weights down in front of you, lifting them one by one.

“Or you can use a bench, or chair, to support yourself with one arm on the bench, or chair, and lift the other up and down whilst you work the muscles.”

People who are new to weights should work their way up to use heavier dumbbells. For those people who don’t have dumbbells, resistance bands can be just as good.

As for bicep curls, Fireman said: “You can do them sitting or standing but be sure to keep your back neutral to prevent back injuries.

“With your dumbbells, or resistance band in hand, lift them toward your chest slowly. Squeeze your bicep muscle with every curl and you will feel them strengthen over time.”

By adhering to all these moves consistently, you can be sure that your arms will tone up.

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