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A beauty and wellness influencer has claimed she maintains her flawless and glowy complexion with the help of one superfood fungus.

The content creator @thatsotee, attributed her flawless skin to the tremella mushroom; an anti-aging elixir with credible scientific backing.

“I’m going to share with you a beauty must on how I maintain a clear, healthy, youthful complexion in my forties,” the content creator noted in a clip that racked up more than 57,000 likes.

The content creator eats the mushroom “snow fungus” alongside peach gum to hydrate the body from the inside out and firm up the skin.

Often dubbed the “fountain of youth” or “miracle food” by Chinese natives, the superfood is enjoying increasing popularity in the beauty industry.

It is scientifically referred to as tremella mushroom or white fungus, according to the content creator. She added: “If you’re on that anti-aging kick and you want plump, youthful skin, this is full of plant collagen.

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“It also induced collagen production, since it contains 70 amino acids, which are the building blocks of collagen synthesis. It’s not called a health miracle for nothing, it has numerous health benefits and can solve several health issues.”

The gelatinous mushrooms are deemed highly effective in skincare because they contain smaller particles that are easily able to penetrate the epidermis and offer deep hydration.

This plumping effect is ultimately responsible for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Additionally, the superfood’s polysaccharides also give it a water-retaining capacity unlike any other, making it ideal to integrate into skincare products.

Viewers rushed to the comments to leave their thoughts on the hack, many of whom agreed that the anti-aging effects of tremella are unparalleled.

“100 percent! Snow fungus is our favorite beauty hack,” wrote one commentator, while another quipped: “With coconut milk and a bit of sugar… delishhhhh!”

Fortunately for those who do not have access to organic dried tremella, the mushroom also comes as a capsule.

An article published in the Archives of Dermatology Research earlier this year stated that “studies have demonstrated the role may play in skin anti-aging [and] wound healing”.

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