Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Updates ahead of Napoli

With Modric out, probably we’ll see today the mid of Kroos, Ceballos, Valverde and Jude. The only doubt is who will pair with Kroos in the double pivot, Valverde or Ceballos?

“I give you the opportunity to make another question”

As the renewing reports intensified in the last days, Carlo was asked again about his future. Two journalists tried to take some information from the Italian, but without success. When questioned the same thing for the second time during the presser, Carlo said “I give you the opportunity to make another question, a different one”. Curiously, the journalist tried the future question again and Carlo gave him yet another chance.

A British journalist wanted to make a question in English and was interrupted by the press organizer, who said the questions should be asked in Spanish or Italian. Carleto was nice and offered to make the translation to him. He asked why Jude adapted so fast to the Spanish football, since other English players sometimes take more time do adapt. Carlo answered Jude is “really intelligent, professional, serious and mature. For this reason, he had the possibility to adapt very well. But the most important part: he is a fantastic player. A fantastic player can adapt in every country”

Poll Time


Would you keep Ancelotti for next season?

  • 40%

    Unclear at the moment; I’d wait until the end of the season.

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  • 26%

    No, if Zidane or Xabi Alonso comes

    (55 votes)

  • 9%

    No, regardless of who is the next coach

    (19 votes)

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