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Motorists can “quickly clear” their car windscreens of mist and ice using supermarket carrier bags in a simple homemade solution this winter, according to experts. 

Specialists at LeaseCar suggested bags picked up from stores could act as the perfect tool to clear any cover in seconds. 

Drivers are bound to have some bags left in their cars or lying around the house from popular chains such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda. 

Tim Alcock, spokesperson for LeaseCar.UK told that drivers simply had to run the bag over the screen to see the benefits.

He explained: “Everyone has supermarket bags around the house, which come in handy when the weather cools off.”

He continued: “Make sure it has no holes and fill it with lukewarm or cold water. Wipe the bag over iced windows and watch it quickly clear. Do not use boiling water or it will damage and crack the windscreen due to the sudden temperature change.”

Experts last Trade Price Cars previously tried the tip on their Mythbusters series on YouTube. Zak, spokesman for the group said: “We’ve heard a lot of people say it’s a myth, it’s nonsense it doesn’t work and we’ve had a lot of people say its brilliant, it works. 

“So let’s just see if it works. Hopefully, we don’t crack a windscreen.” Zak filled the bag with enough water to create a large enough contact patch across the glass and then held the top tightly to prevent spillages.

He then slowly ran the carrier across the rear windscreen where the ice quickly started to disappear, and is heard saying: “Oh it does work you know. This is working. There were a lot of people debunking, saying it’s a bit of a myth. ‘Ah it doesn’t work, it cracks your windscreen’, well it hasn’t cracked this one so far.”

However, the RAC has urged drivers to never apply boiling hot water to a windscreen in a desperate bid to melt ice. They warn the thermal shock of sub-zero temperatures immediately reaching around 100 degrees Celsius could damage and crack the glass.

Mr Alcock added: “De-icing the car is very important before setting off, and motorists should never attempt to drive until it is clear. During the cold winter weather, defrosting a car windscreen can be challenging, but luckily there are some DIY solutions which can help melt the ice faster.   

“Waking up on a freezing morning in a rush for work and realising you are out of de-icer can be stressful, but some everyday items lying around the house could come to the rescue.”

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