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REC Limited, a prominent Maharatna Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) under the Ministry of Power, achieved a significant milestone by signing a 200 million Euro loan agreement with the German bank KfW. This agreement, marking REC’s sixth line of credit under the Indo-German Development Cooperation, emphasizes the corporation’s commitment to strengthening the distribution infrastructure of DISCOMs in alignment with the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) of the Government of India.

Empowering DISCOMs through RDSS: REC’s Crucial Role and Collaborative Commitment

  • As the nodal agency for implementing the RDSS scheme, REC plays a crucial role in supporting DISCOMs to enhance their operational efficiencies and financial sustainability.
  • The RDSS scheme aims to achieve this by providing result-linked financial assistance to DISCOMs, contingent upon meeting pre-qualifying criteria and achieving specified minimum benchmarks.
  • The government launched the RDSS scheme to empower DISCOMs in improving their supply infrastructure.
  • REC’s collaboration with KfW reflects its commitment to supporting DISCOMs in meeting the scheme’s objectives, contributing to the broader goals of power sector reforms in the nation.

Transformative Impact on India’s Power Sector

  • Mr. T.S.C. Bosh, Executive Director at REC, stated, “This announcement not only showcases REC’s ability to secure strategic partnerships with international financial institutions but also underscores our integral role in driving positive change within the power distribution landscape in India.
  • The collaboration with KfW is expected to have a transformative impact on the operational capabilities and financial resilience of DISCOMs, ultimately contributing to the broader goals of the RDSS scheme and the nation’s power sector reforms.

About REC Limited

  • Established in 1969, REC Limited stands as a Maharatna CPSE under the Ministry of Power. The organization actively provides long-term loans and financial products for the power infrastructure sector, addressing various aspects such as generation, transmission, distribution, renewable energy, electric vehicles, battery storage, and green hydrogen.
  • In recent developments, REC has diversified its portfolio into the non-power infrastructure sector. This expansion includes involvement in roads, expressways, metro rail, airports, IT communication, social and commercial infrastructure like educational institutions and hospitals, as well as ventures into ports and electro-mechanical works for sectors such as steel and refineries.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q: What is REC Limited’s affiliation under the Ministry of Power?

Answer: REC Limited is a Maharatna CPSE (Central Public Sector Enterprise) under the Ministry of Power.

Q: How much Euro loan did REC Limited secure, and from which bank?

Answer: REC Limited secured a 200 million Euro loan from the German bank KfW.

Q: In which sectors has REC recently ventured into apart from power infrastructure?

Answer: REC has diversified into non-power infrastructure sectors, including IT communication, social and commercial infrastructure, ports, and electro-mechanical works for various sectors.

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