Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

A TikTok creator took to the social media platform to share the revolutionary hack that helps her dry her laundry at home quickly and easily.

With her tip, Amelia, who goes by the username Ameliagartner, ensures neither her clothes nor her walls accumulate humidity.

She described buying a dehumidifier as “the best thing for you ever”, thanks to its fuss-free use under the drying rack.

The creator began by revealing she had found “the best winter clothes drying hack” to make sure no moisture gets into your house.

She said: “When it’s raining outside, you need to dry your clothes inside, it’s not great because it can cause mould in your house – but you need to do this.”

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The social media user explained: “Lie out your clothes on your little rack and get yourself a dehumidifier.

“This is going to hands down be the best thing for you ever.

“You just pop it under your little clothes horse, put your clothes on top, let it do its thing. It will suck up all the water out of your clothes.

“They will dry in about a few hours and you won’t get any moisture into your house. Genius. I know.”

A dehumidifier will remove the water from clothes, making them great solution to not only speed up laundry drying but also protect the home from potential damp and mould issues.

There are so many on the market, some for as little as £40 and cost as little as 4p to run which can help households save on bills.

Chris Michael, managing director at Meaco, said: “Most dehumidifiers can help dry laundry but getting the right size for your requirement can help speed up the process.

“A more powerful dehumidifier will do the job quicker and will cost less per litre of water collected, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the more powerful it is, the noisier the machine will be.

“A 10-litre compressor is best for one person with a limited amount of washing to be dried. A larger 12L or 20L machine will be best if you’re drying washing for three or four people regularly. A 25-litre is suitable for those who have larger families and lots of wet washing to dry every week.”

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