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Apple is all but set to launch their take on VR headsets, the Apple Vision Pro soon, and has already started scheduling training sessions for its retail employees from across major markets. Given its price, it is highly unlikely that Apple will launch the Vision Pro in India

Apple is gearing up for the retail launch of its Vision Pro headset, with training sessions for retail workers and the distribution of equipment to manage Vision Pro in stores, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The company has started scheduling two-day training sessions for retail employees, with a few individuals from each US Apple Store flying to California for training.

These trained employees will then educate the rest of the staff in their respective stores. Training is set to begin in the middle of January, and each employee will undergo a two-day program.

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The complexity of Vision Pro’s setup process makes the training a high-stakes endeavour, as the device requires customization for each user.

The fitting process is crucial to ensuring a positive user experience. The report notes that every step, including how employees approach customers and place the device on a user’s head, will be carefully orchestrated.

Additionally, Apple Stores will soon receive new equipment for assembling and packaging Vision Pro headsets.

The report suggests that Apple may encourage customers to pick up the device at a store, even if they place their order online.

While Apple had initially hoped to release Vision Pro in January, it was reported earlier that the company would miss that deadline.

The new report suggests a release might occur before March, barring any unforeseen issues.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset is anticipated to be a significant entry into the augmented reality (AR) space, offering a range of features and capabilities for users. The Vision Pro will be Apple’s most expensive device, barring some variants of their Macs. It will therefore be interesting to see if countries like India, which have a significant and evolving base of users will get a device as expensive as the Apple Vision Pro

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