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Google’s annual Year in Search report is out and it highlights, just how varied people’s search preferences from. From achievements like Chandrayaan-3 to memes like that of Bhupinder Jogi, Indian internet users had wide and varied interests this year

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s a fitting moment to look back and examine the prevailing themes that shaped Google searches in India. From news events to queries, how-tos, local searches, sports, matches, movies, people, shows, memes, travel destinations, recipes, and beyond, here’s a glimpse into the top trends that captured the interest of the Indian audience.

One standout moment that reached celestial heights in searches was the success of Chandrayaan-3, capturing the world’s attention and sparking a surge in related queries. The strides made in space exploration resonated strongly with the public, leading to an astronomical rise in search interest.

India’s role as the host of the G20 presidency stirred curiosity, prompting searches into global events and discussions taking place during this influential period. The inquisitive nature of users sought to understand the implications and outcomes of India’s leadership on the global stage.

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Here are the top searched News events of 2023 that India Googled:

  1. Chandrayaan-3
  2. Karnataka Election Results
  3. Israel News
  4. Satish Kaushik
  5. Budget 2023
  6. Turkey Earthquake
  7. Atiq Ahmed
  8. Matthew Perry
  9. Manipur News
  10. Odisha Train Accident

As for the How To list, there were some interesting queries

  1. How to prevent sun damage for skin and hair with home remedies
  2. How to reach my first 5k followers on YouTube
  3. How to get good at kabaddi
  4. How to improve car mileage
  5. How to become a chess grandmaster
  6. How to surprise my sister on Rakshabandhan
  7. How to identify a pure Kanjivaram silk saree
  8. How to check pan link with Aadhar
  9. How to create WhatsApp channel
  10. How to get blue tick on Instagram

From G20 to Hamas, the What Is list again, had some interesting queries:

  1. What is G20
  2. What is UCC
  3. What is ChatGPT
  4. What is hamas
  5. What is on 28 September 2023
  6. What is Chandrayaan 3
  7. What is threads in Instagram
  8. What is timed out in cricket
  9. What is impact player in IPL
  10. What is Sengol

Despite what they say about Bollywood, Indians Google users had a lot of queries around the biggest hits, as well as celebrities in India.

The most searched movies were:

  1. Jawan
  2. Gadar 2
  3. Oppenheimer
  4. Adipurush
  5. Pathaan
  6. The Kerala Story
  7. Jailer
  8. Leo
  9. Tiger 3
  10. Varisu

The most searched shows were:

  1. Farzi
  2. Wednesday
  3. Asur
  4. Rana Naidu
  5. The Last Of Us
  6. Scam 2003
  7. Bigg Boss 17
  8. Guns and Gulaabs
  9. Sex/Life
  10. Taaza Khabar

The most searched people online were:

  1. Kiara Advani
  2. Shubman Gill
  3. Rachin Ravindra
  4. Mohammed Shami
  5. Elvish Yadav
  6. Sidharth Malhotra
  7. Glenn Maxwell
  8. David Beckham
  9. Suryakumar Yadav
  10. Travis Head

In the culinary landscape of 2023, Google searches in India highlighted a deep appreciation for diverse and regional flavors. Users were eager to explore and recreate traditional recipes, showcasing a love for authentic and culturally rich dishes.

Some of the top recipe searches included:

  1. Mango Pickle recipe
  2. Sex On The Beach recipe
  3. Panchamrit recipe
  4. Hakusai recipe
  5. Dhaniya Panjiri recipe
  6. Karanji recipe
  7. Thiruvathirai Kali recipe
  8. Ugadi Pachadi recipe
  9. Kolukattai recipe
  10. Rava Ladoo recipe

In 2023, cricket, often referred to as the heartbeat of the nation, reached unprecedented heights in terms of online searches and fan engagement. The Cricket World Cup and high-profile clashes such as India vs Australia matches dominated the sports landscape, with the Indian National Cricket team securing the top spot globally.

The top trending sports events in 2023 are:

  1. Indian Premier League
  2. Cricket World Cup
  3. Asia Cup
  4. Women’s Premier League
  5. Asian Games
  6. Indian Super League
  7. Pakistan Super League
  8. The Ashes
  9. Women’s Cricket World Cup
  10. SA20

In addition to events, specific matches became focal points of excitement, with clashes like India vs Australia, India vs New Zealand, and other high-profile encounters generating intense online searches and discussions among cricket enthusiasts. The dynamic landscape of sports in 2023 showcased the nation’s unwavering passion for cricket and a growing interest in various other sporting events.

  1. India vs Australia
  2. India vs New Zealand
  3. India vs Sri Lanka
  4. India vs England
  5. India vs Ireland
  6. England vs Australia
  7. India vs Afghanistan
  8. India vs Bangladesh
  9. Gujarat Titans vs Chennai Super Kings
  10. Pakistan vs New Zealand

In 2023, memes evolved into a powerful language of expression, capturing the essence of cultural moments and turning ordinary individuals into internet sensations. One notable example was the humorous ‘Bhupendra Jogi’ meme, which gained popularity for its comedic elements and relatable content.

The ‘So Beautiful So Elegant’ meme took Jasmeen Kaur to unexpected online fame, showcasing how memes can turn everyday occurrences into viral phenomena. This particular meme emphasized the transformative nature of internet culture, where anyone could become a sensation overnight.

The most searched memes were:

  1. Bhupendra Jogi meme
  2. So Beautiful So Elegant meme
  3. Moye Moye meme
  4. Moye Moye meme
  5. Aukat Dikha Di meme
  6. Ohio meme
  7. The Boys meme
  8. Elvish Bhai meme
  9. The Waffle House New Host meme
  10. Smurf Cat meme

Google Search also highlighted how the travel preferences of Indian adventurers have taken them on a diverse journey, with Southeast Asia standing out prominently.

Here’s a glimpse into the preferred destinations on the itinerary for Indian travellers:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Goa
  3. Bali
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Thailand
  6. Kashmir
  7. Coorg
  8. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  9. Italy
  10. Switzerland

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