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About 51 per cent of Indians don’t fear AI, but rather believe that it will help them do their jobs better and help them be more efficient. However, this confidence is contingent on the fact that their present employee trains them accordingly

In a recent survey by PwC titled ‘India Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023,’ findings indicate that India has the potential to take a lead in the integration of AI technology into businesses, provided the industry adopts a suitable upskilling approach.

The report suggests that 51 per cent of Indian respondents believe AI will enhance their work and their productivity, a significantly higher percentage compared to the global average of 31 per cent. This optimism, however, is contingent upon organizations providing adequate upskilling opportunities.

Anumeha Singh, Partner at PwC India, emphasized the workforce’s increasing demands amid the uncertainties and significant impact of AI.

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“Amidst the rising uncertainty and seismic impact of AI, the workforce is demanding more from their employers on all counts,” she said.

“To thrive, organizations and leaders will need to make some tough choices while blending adaptability with innovative workforce structures and career pathways, for an ever-evolving landscape,” she added.

The survey also unveiled that 62 per cent of Indian employees anticipate a significant change in the skills required for their jobs over the next five years, with 69 per cent being aware of these impending changes.

Notably, Indian respondents express a confidence level roughly 15 per cent higher than their global counterparts in their employers’ ability to provide the necessary tools and opportunities for skill development.

The report underlines the restlessness in the Indian workforce, with 42 per cent of employees considering a job change in the next year, primarily driven by expectations of better pay packages and promotions, a figure notably higher than the global average of 26 per cent.

Additionally, 70 per cent of Indian participants, in contrast to 35 per cent globally, express a willingness to ask for a promotion.

Key highlights from the survey include a strong awareness of upskilling needs among Indian respondents, as well as a heightened sense of optimism regarding AI’s potential positive impact on productivity.

However, concerns about the potential negative impact of AI on job nature and job security are also evident among a notable percentage of Indian participants, highlighting the need for a balanced approach in the workforce’s perception and preparation for AI integration.

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